Delicious Dinner rolls comin’ right up!

Delicious Dinner rolls comin’ right up!

Where do I begin? This recipe has never, I repeat, NEVER failed me. This is one of those recipes you whip together when you want to impress your friends, family, and possibly your future mother-in-law. Oh yeah, I went there.

Forget everything your grandma told you about homemade rolls (I know grandma’s home-cookin’ can’t be beat but seriously, y’all). These bad boys are sure to impress. Not only are they bread (let’s be honest…the staple of the South, y’all), they are smothered in BUTTER!! I’m talkin’ Paula Deen status here. YUM.

And for those of you who are nervous about making homemade rolls or have never even thought about attempting your own at home, don’t fret. I’ll let y’all in on a little secret: I had never made homemade bread in my life and I made these delicious melt-in-your-mouth rolls on Thanksgiving. Brave? Why yes, yes I am. And guess what? They were fabulous and I had everyone thinkin’ I was ready to start my own cooking show. Paula Deen where you at???

So, get on down to your local supermarket or grocery store and get to it! You will not regret it! Promise, y’all!


Revitalized thrift shop find!

ImageA few weeks ago I spotted this less-than-gorgeous chair at a local thrift store. Y’all, it was only $9 and I can’t pass up a good deal. Goodness gracious, I was so in love with the price that I paid no attention to the cob webs that had made themselves at home and even forgave the awful faded blue velvet seat. Why? Because I just knew that with a little TLC, this beauty could be an amazing accent piece in my living room.

So, I loaded my chair in the back of my small car as gracefully as I could like a crazy lady. My fiance thought I had lost it when I drug it in our home. But I won’t be discouraged. I’m determined to make this chair drab to fab, y’all!

So, I need your help! The frame needs to be painted or stained (this isn’t optional, y’all) and the cushion needs to be reupholstered. Do you think I should paint the frame white or stain it? I bought this fabulous stain by Rust-oleum in dark walnut. I’m in love with it but I also think white would look super shabby chic and ultra fabulous. What do y’all think?Image

I also got a gorgeous upholstery fabric that would complement my living room decor wonderfully. Surprisingly enough, I spotted this fabric at Walmart on clearance! Check it out! The fabric is at the top of the picture and the old, less-than-wonderful original fabric is on the bottom. ImageI’d love to hear what y’all think! Be sure and check back to see the finished product!

Southern Bride DIY

Hey y’all,

I wanted to share a sneak-peak at something I’ve been planning/working on for a while now: Image


Just in case you’re wondering, November 2, 2013 is our wedding date. We are planning on using this banner during our engagement photo session for our “save-the-dates” because it’s just so darn cute! I found the inspiration for this project through Pinterest after I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted everything about our engagement photo session to reflect not only our personalities but our wedding concept as well.

For each triangle, I used burlap and stenciled (using card stock, an X-acto knife, black acrylic paint, and a foam paint brush) each number. After each piece was dried, I hot-glued a long piece of jute to the backs of each. Because many elements of my wedding will involve lace, I added ivory and dusty rose lace trim to the triangles. As you can see, I also decided to add two lace bows at each end of the banner. I just love lace, y’all. I wanted to add pearls somehow but I think my husband-to-be might have an issue posing with it if it gets too girly. He wouldn’t say anything even if he thought it were absolutely ridiculous, bless his heart. He knows I would have a “bridal meltdown” and we have both agreed that is an area he would much rather avoid at all costs.

I will say that I am not completely satisfied with the shade of the pink burlap. I may end up replacing those two triangles with standard burlap and painting either pink or black hearts on them. Lord knows I’ll change my mind a thousand times!

I’ve also been brainstorming different ideas for our guest book table and candy bar. I’ve seen so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest so yesterday I decided I would just experiment until I was satisfied! Check out this basic black burlap frame I put together with a dusty rose and lace flower embellishment. Of course, I would be painting on the burlap just as I did in the banner above. Image

Let me know what y’all think and any ideas that you have! This DIY bride would love to hear from you! What projects have you done or do you plan on doing yourself for your wedding?

DIY Shaving Cream


Since I began planning my wedding I have also started to budget in as many areas as I can. It doesn’t seem as if the cost of shaving cream is extreme when you purchase one can. But when you’re like me and one can of shaving cream lasts about one month, the cost can start to get all kinds of ridiculous. On top of the cost, I always cut myself while shaving and constantly had to moisturize after shaving with store-bought cream.

So, I “googled” how to make your own shaving cream and got started. Here’s what you need:

  • 1 cup of Shampoo
  • 1 cup of Conditioner
  • 5 tbsp of baby oil
  • 5 tbsp of lotion
  • mixing bowl
  • empty bottle to put your shaving cream in
  • funnel (to funnel your shaving cream into your bottle)

So here’s how you make your own shaving cream!

  1. Mix shampoo, conditioner, baby oil, and lotion in a bowl until well blended
  2. Let it sit for at least one hour
  3. Funnel shaving cream into a bottle (I used a bottle with a pump because it’s so convenient)
  4. Enjoy!

*Note: This diy shaving cream is wonderful! I didn’t even have to use lotion afterwords–it’s that good, y’all!

How to clean white walls

Hey y’all!

 Anyone who has white walls or cabinets knows how frustrating it can be when they start looking dirty or “off-white.” The very first time I tried to clean my less-than-fabulous white walls, I used a sponge and Lysol. Big mistake. Because I didn’t dust the walls first, the sponge left a noticeable “streak.” I also noticed quite a bit of tiny paint chips on my sponge which, I assume, was a result of the chemicals in the Lysol and the texture of the sponge. For my very first post I wanted to show you how I clean my white walls.  All you need is (1) clean paintbrush, (1) damp rag, (1) dry paper towel/cloth to uncover those fabulous white walls hiding under all of that filth!

Here’s a picture of the area I worked with. I’m a little embarrassed of the drastic difference between the clean and dirty areas. Now I’m obsessed with cleaning my walls, y’all!!

Wall before and after